Master Yorel

The PCs' Patron


Master Yorel d’Tharashk is a minor scion of a dragonmarked house. He manifested the dragonmark after several generations of his forebearers did not, and so was reluctantly recognized formally as a d’Tharashk. He tends to avoid House business and keeps his nose in his dusty tomes and ancient history scrolls.

He pays his treasure hunters handsomely for relics of the ancient world, dragonshards, and other curiosities he can study from his chambers at the University of Morgrave. He hopes to be able to fund an expedition to the ruins of Xen’Drik one day.

Yorel has recently developed an interest in the upcoming conjunction with Xoriat. Artifacts like the Coat of Eyes and the symbiotes recovered from the cultists have piqued his suspicions that the forces of Chaos are aligning for some ill purpose, though he does not know what.

Master Yorel

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